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Alice Walker is a singer songwriter from a small town in Essex.
Her songs are about love, and life, and dead things and live things.
When she grows up she wants to be a mountain.

She sometimes plays with a band, called AlicebanD. The big D makes the word look symmetrical, which makes her feel balanced.

They have played in big venues and small venues and festivals and parties, and want to play at bigger places like palaces and castles..

They've actually played in a castle.
And with Joan Armatrading.
And with Wilko Johnson.
and with themselves.

But not in the same room.

That would be weird.


“For those who don't, imagine those cathartic journal entries you used to write as an angry teenager, loaded with poetry and melodramatic fantasies (is it just me?). Now imagine that you write with the verbosity of someone like Saul Williams, and instead of a pen you've got a keyboard in front of you and an instinctive, intimate grasp of it's workings. Now imagine doing all this flawlessly in front of an audience who thinks you're amazing, papering the gaps between songs with self-deprecating wit and some rather frank banter. You are now Alice Walker. Flowing like spoken word set to melody, her music can be both soulful and caustic, unfolding with wit and tenderness all backed up by a fuckload of honesty. Whether this is commercially viable is another question, but surely at this level, squatting downstairs in a basement decorated with dead Russian Czars, we're after truth from our art and not just pretty melodies?” 

Wesley Freeman-Smith - Moving Tone

“..Either as full band or solo acoustic act, pianist Alice Walker’s performances are witty, wordy affairs most will testify are spellbinding. Presenting with an odd mixture of mesmerizing talent, easy stage presence and complete lack of pretension, it’s hard to see quite why she’s not wildly famous by now..” 

Wesley Freeman-Smith - Slate the Disco

"Buoyed by their frontwoman’s relaxed and self-deprecating stage schtick.. With searingly honest, rapid-fire lyrics about the awkward and messy side of relationships, offset by some disarmingly jaunty piano and trumpet arrangements, AlicebanD manage to be fun, witty and original while neatly avoiding any obvious genre pigeonholes."

James Burton - Herts and Essex Observer

“Walker's voice is an instrument of ominous, brooding beauty that is the perfect match for her sombre songs. She also manages a fine line in dark, self-aware humour that runs throughout her set. Definitely one to watch.” - Herts and Essex Observer

“..After seeing her live, she intrigued me with her laid back and natural stage presence and after hearing this record I have no doubt in the potential for this young girl to go far..”

Elliot Porter - Music-Zine

“Aliceband draw their influences from folk to indie, campfire acoustic to rock or electro. Mixed together it makes for a fascinating mish-mash of styles and sounds that’s set off by the hauntingly enchanting vocals of front-woman Alice.”

Anon - Walden Reporter

“..reminiscent in certain ways to a young PJ Harvey, although quite the opposite in appearance as those who have been witness to AlicebanD perform live will know.. ..emotive, atmospheric tension that reeks of soul songstress Cat Power.. ..there’s more to the band than just ploughing out tracks filled with a gloomy desperation that are going to pull at your heart strings.”

Matt Clutton - Music-Zine

“Just thought I would put in a word for Alice Walker and her band. I really enjoyed their set! Lovely melodies and captivating lyrics, delivered to our ears via a Pukka Pad. Wonderful. My heart wanted to dance, but luckily my head wouldn't let me.”

KatyG - The Word

“Aliceband, like any decent original band are not easy to describe; their music is essentially an upbeat folk/pop hybrid with intelligent, thought provoking lyrics. But to put a label on their multifarious musical escapades would be a severe injustice. Led by superb songstress Alice Walker the band ooze talent and are sure to get your brain thinking, your mouth smiling, and your foot tapping.”

Stortford Music Festival - Stortford Music Festival

“AlicebanD, like any decent original band are not easy to describe. Their music is essentially an upbeat folk/pop hybrid with intelligent, thought provoking lyrics.. AlicebanD are fast becoming one of the area’s prominent live acts.”

Simon Baker - Herts and Essex Music-zine

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